1. Natural or vamp?
You never know what to put for a new date? The trick is to choose an outfit in which you are comfortable and which highlights you. “Men do not notice women’s clothes so much, so it’s better to put on a kit in which you feel good and give us confidence,” explains the president of the styling agency Les effrontés, Marie-Claude Pelletier.
The instructions: be consistent. With our personality, first: do not bother to show up with the stilettos (on which we pitch moreover dangerously for lack of having them released) when we wear Converse year round. Consistent with our intentions, too. We want to spend a lifetime with the guy or only one night? The answer will determine if the Dita Von Teese look is set …

Another little trick: avoid hyper-trend choices. The über fashionistas find the turbans or orthopedic shoes at the Prada very in, but for guys, this is not ideal. And bet on suggestive sensuality (a fine knit sweater, a nice neckline that reveals subtly when you lean) rather than outfits too sexy and too showy.

2. The right address

The place of meeting will tell a long story about the person who fixed it. If the choice comes back to us, it is better to opt for a place that resembles us, where we feel good – physically, but also financially (is it necessary to blame one’s pay in one evening?). The idea is to have fun and chat. The bars or restaurants super noisy are therefore to be avoided, as are the places where the waiters call us by our first name and where the regulars of the corner make us the kiss. “We must choose a neutral place, not the place where all our colleagues are going to relax!” Adds Jean-Marc Larouche, author of the book L’étiquette du dating and president of the Intermezzo Montreal dating agency.

3. A Little Fast
No one wants to lose hours because of a painful date. The Americans have created a guide (The Essential Dating and Dumping Guide) with the best restaurants and bars from which it is easy to escape by pretending to go to the bathroom. Here, you are advised to focus on prevention. A five to seven is ideal for a first meeting: it is long enough to make you a good idea of ​​the prospect and short enough not to waste your time in case of disappointment. And you can always prolong the evening by going supper then if your suitor and you are inseparable …

4. The hour of confidences

Of course honesty is a sure bet! Nevertheless, the discretion also, especially during a first appointment. You can therefore wait a few weeks before talking about your childhood traumas and monumental debts. This is not hypocrisy … it is taking time to get to know more. “If you speak for 30 minutes to your ex, it can also be heavy,” says Marie-France Archibald, founder of the Singles Seduction Workshop. The purpose of a meeting is to know someone, not to come back to the past. “But this specialist in romantic relationships also advocates for more flexible rules. “Every situation is different. Imagine that a psychologist meets a social worker. It may be normal for them to get into more profound discussions sooner! “In any case, your flirt is not your shrink (or yours!). This does not prevent more personal questions (without interrogation!), To learn more about the other. Above all, turn off your cell phone and say only the truth, nothing but the truth. Playing the chameleon – making people believe that Chinese cinema or wilderness camping is being created to create links – can indeed lead to unfortunate situations: endless discussions about Chinese directors or repeated invitations to go camping.

5. Good manners
Friendly advice: taboulelle (full parsley), garlic pasta (guess why), tonkinoise soup (good luck to fish noodles with chopsticks), sauce dripping ribs and the “maxiburger eight Floors “are not indicated for a first supper. As for the three cosmos swallowed dry to relax, they risk just too much to relax …

6. Who pays?
A delicate issue. Officially, the contemporary label suggests dividing the bill at the end of the first encounter, since it is a test whose continuation is not assured. For the second and subsequent meetings, it is usually the inviting person who pays. But there again, there is no strict code in this matter: the important thing is to be at ease. Keep in mind that it is not because a guy will kindly offer you a drink that he wants to deprive you of your sacrosanct independence


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