There are over 8.000 dating sites on the internet. In the US alone, the number is around 2.500. Do you think that all of them are there to find a match? If that was true, there wouldn’t be one single person in the entire country. People would be doing it constantly and no one would even need a web page to find true love.

No, internet pages offering dating services are not always as honest as they present themselves. Some of them are scamming sites. For example, the site “Passion”. It is well known that this site passionately scams you while you think you’re doing something with your life.

To be sure that you’re avoiding this and other similar to it, you need to be aware of a couple of things. Read on if you want to learn how to find web pages made for dating that work and are not scamming you.

Find them on Alexa

One sure way to know one site is working properly is by seeing their monthly traffic. If the page has a poor rating and almost no traffic, it means you’re looking at a scam site. Also, those who work well will surely be ranked higher and will have a ton of visitors on a daily basis.

You can’t expect to find a match on a page that has no users. Sure the place may write publicly that they have tons of visitors but be sure that the owner can create as many users as they like. That doesn’t mean these users are actual and real people. That’s why official rankings, like the one we talk about here, are a much better option in checking out their traffic. See more about Alexa here.

Look them up on forums

The internet forums are a great place to find information about nearly anything there is. People love to spend their experience with others. When it comes to dating sites it’s a little more complicated because not everyone gladly shares its intimacy with strangers and publically.

However, there are those who write anonymously and they are not ashamed to write about their experiences. See what they have to say. If there so no data about a certain place, it means it’s probably not the best option for you.

If you’re really curious about it, you can also register as anonymous choosing a random name to ask a question that others will answer. That’s what forums are made for.

Professional blogs and articles on the subject

Among the many issues that the internet sphere is covering, online dating is also a part of it. Check out some of the most popular blogs on the matter and see what they have to say.

These blogs often write articles and share research and authors’ opinions about certain sites. From them, you can learn a lot about what you’re looking for. There are all kinds of pages dealing with different kinds of interests – sex-oriented, profession-oriented, national, all kinds of them. This is a huge industry. See more about it here:

See what the best option for you is and find out what professional research leads to a conclusion. If some particular domains are listed as scams, don’t be the hero that’s going to check out if they are right. Why losing money and getting scammed when someone has already done this for you?


Some of the biggest players in the industry of dating are a great choice to look for true love. Still, the rising stars are also not something to be ignored. The new websites offering different options and opportunities find great interest in people who are sick and tired of the traditional ones.

It’s 2020 and there’s much more than sex, age, and personal story. People want to be more precise about what they are and what they are looking for. It’s not a simple find me a match around this age anymore.

Even big rock stars and princes of countries are available on these pages so you can be sure it’s not a waste of time. Find the best one, make sure you’re not getting scammed, and be patient in the search of your soulmate.


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