This article will be about closing the deal with women, with closing the deal we mean setting the first steps into a pleasant intimate relationship with a woman. This step is only possible if you have achieved good stable rapport with a woman (she gave you nonverbal indications that she is in to you). There are a few things you have to keep in mind in order to make this last step a success.
Double check
To prevent nasty situations it is important that you are absolutely sure that she is completely into you, otherwise Closing The Deal With Women will be impossible. So use the indicator-list of the previous article and re-check for yourself if she really does show clear signs that she is attracted to you. Not all points have to be completed, just a fair amount. The primary indicators were:
She wants to be close to you
Playing with hair
Moisturizing her lips with her tongue
Fiddling gently with objects
Looking at your mouth
Laughing at everything you say
Touching her neck
Willingness to walk arm in arm with you
Giving you compliments
First kiss
So, your date is showing some clear signs that she is in to you. Women are not likely to initiate the first kiss themselves because most of them like to be ‘conquered’ by a strong, confident man. To be this man you need to convey these characteristics. There are two basic ways that you can initiate a first kiss, these are the direct approach and the indirect approach.
The indirect approach
This approach is about doing a final test fist to see if she is ready for romance. This method is quite effective and we love it. If she is close to you and the interaction is on a high point you can try to discretely touch her hair for a minute or so, if she doesn’t object to it your chances are very high that she wants to be kissed.
The direct approach
In the direct approach you have to initiate the kiss in a direct manner. There are many ways you can do this, in this section we will show you two of them. One great way to make a first kiss is to say something sexy at the right moment (peak of the interaction). For example you could say: “You know, I’m trying so hard not to kiss you right now”, the chances are high that she will be flattered by what you said and challenge you to kiss her. Another way would be (if you are close to her) to look her straight in the eyes and them kiss her gently.
For effectively Closing The Deal With Women you need to be absolutely sure that she is in to you. We advise you to re-check the attraction indicator-list reposted in this article to make sure that her reception will be positive when you are trying to kiss her. There are two different approaches you can use for the first kiss, the direct and indirect approach. The difference between them is the time it takes to execute, also with the direct approach you need to be really sure that she want to be kissed through the technique mentioned in the article.


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