A man who masturbates when he is single, everyone thinks it’s normal. When he is in a relationship, a lot less. But in any case, the “handjob” feeds many fantasies: what are men thinking during this time? Why do we feel that this is a vital need? What sensation does it provide exactly? Is it abnormal to masturbate every day?

In short, stop at conventional wisdom, gentlemen! We can tell you today: masturbation does not make you deaf and would be very good for your health. At the root of many evils still in the last century, a whole bunch of virtues is now attributed to what was once considered a sin.

In 2014, one study reported that 9% of men masturbate each day and 28% several times a week. And what relationship do you have with solitary pleasure? And first, where does this sexual practice come from?

A man who masturbates is a balanced man?

History tells that Onan, a character of the Old Testament, was severely condemned because he refused to impregnate his wife, preferring, to disperse his seed in the ground. Onanism and by extension masturbation was then considered an outrage to the creator.

But rest assured, mentalities have evolved! No, masturbation is not a shameful disease; it does not make you deaf, nor makes you more stupid or sterile. It is even recommended to achieve a balance in matters of sexuality.

During an orgasm, the production of DHEA (anti-aging hormone) increases, strengthening the epidermis, the immune system, the renewal of cells A study conducted by Australian researchers (from the Cancer Epidemiology Center, Melbourne) has concluded that the more a man masturbates between the ages of 20 and 40, the less likely he was to have prostate problems.

Maintained at a high rate by regular sexual activity, testosterone and estrogen levels contribute to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Masturbation, the best anti-stress?

Among all the virtues that we lend to this sexual practice, it also seems that masturbation is an excellent painkiller, thanks to another hormone produced: oxytocin. It increases the rate of endorphins, analgesic, and euphoric substance. And unlike cannabis, masturbation relaxes while being legal and non-toxic!

The so-called “pleasure hormones” cause a total relaxation of the muscles, ideal for fighting stress. Better for health than a sleeping pill, masturbation also promotes falling asleep. So what better to ask?

A pleasure not necessarily solitary

If you are in a relationship, she can act as a real safety valve, allowing her to live her fantasies without “committing the irreparable.”

It also allows those who practice it to get to know each other better and therefore, to better know their partner and to control their erections. Thus, it could even prevent premature ejaculation.

But if masturbation solo is good, it’s even better to two! As for female masturbation, it is quite possible to start taking pleasure alone before finishing two, in the course of delicious preliminaries. It can even become an erotic game in itself within the couple!

On the other hand, if you can not take your foot by other means than masturbation, the exclusive practice masks maybe a blockage of which it would be better to speak with your partner!



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