Anyone that’s married can legitimately moan about the stress before their wedding day. Simply having been in contact with a bride or groom in the week leading up to their ceremony will have given you a clear idea that the logistics of the whole event is all that’s on their mind.

But, who wants to be nerve-wracked at their own party? To relax beforehand, set aside some time for yourself. Even before you start considering the food, location, wedding packages or guests, decide how to make sure you’re in the right mindset.

Choosing a hotel with a spa as your wedding location removes many last-minute logistics panics. So seclude yourself and let the professionals handle the minor details. A spa retreat will calm your nerves so your inner glow can project outwardly.

Before facials and massages, spend the morning at the gym or in the pool because exercise is ill-advised post-treatment. Why primp and preen your skin to then simply sweat all over it? Start the day with a yoga class or a swim, and follow up with an indigenous temazcal steam bath. This purifying treatment was revered in Aztec culture, during which a guide takes you (and a group if you so choose) through a 90-minute ritual that cleanses and renews energy. The temazcal is also considered an emotional release, relaxing both body and mind of those that enjoy this ancient treatment.

Look for quality spas that have fresh fruit juice on hand to keep your energy levels up so you can go straight from your temazcal onto a tropical rain shower to freshen up.

Couple’s Treatments

As you prepare to walk down the aisle, spare a thought for your partner and pamper them with a pre-wedding ritual. We love the combination of Swedish massage, shiatsu, deep tissue, body stretching and Lomi techniques for grooms and El Mar Cocoon for brides at Excellence resorts. But if you prefer to enjoy the experience together, treat yourself to a couple’s ritual or massage surrounded by candles, petals and sparkling wine.

Outdoor treatment rooms will intensify the experience of your spa treatment. Ask whether an oceanfront space is available; the sounds of the sea are an excellent accompaniment to a massage.

Pamper the Bridesmaids and Best Man

Prefer to leave your partner-to-be to their own devices? Take your closest friends with you instead for a pedicure and manicure, so everyone close to you will be in the best mood on the special day. The Miilé Spa offers various combinations of hydrotherapy, massage and beauty treatments for groups.

When arranging a facial, it’s advised you schedule it a couple of days before your wedding, especially if you’re new to the treatment. Check with a professional whether the kind of facial you will receive will leave you looking flushed, and request indications such as avoiding apply makeup or products to your freshly treated skin.

Preparation Diet

Respect a pure beauty routine for 7 days beforehand, with nutrient-rich food, no new products and as little makeup as possible so you’ll arrive glowing to the beautician’s hands. If your venue offers makeup and hairstyling on-site, this is even better as getting to the salon will be one less thing to worry about.

Remember that your wellness will shine through any product so make sure you care for your mind in the same way you would indulge your skin, hair and nails before your special day. Last of all, if possible, book a wedding package and all-inclusive hotel. Planning and reserving all your treatments in advance puts another decision process out of sight and out of mind. This way you simply arrive to relax and enjoy the run-up to your big day.



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