If you want to begin married life the right way, you have to construct the perfect wedding proposal first. You can get help with your proposal idea by contacting a wedding proposal company. By going to this specialised source, you can leave the planning to the company and only worry about popping the question.

Planning a Proposal at the Tower Bridge in London

Some of the popular proposal ideas in London take place at such venues as the Shard, London Eye, or Tower Bridge. For example, a musical serenade or personalised gifts can be featured in any of these settings. The Tower Bridge is open every day during the week, from 10am to 7:30pm, which makes planning much easier. You can also plan a proposal after hours. Couples have exclusive access to one of the tower’s walkways for 30 minutes to one hour.

Proposal experts can make it possible for you to include your own music over the PA system at the Tower Bridge location. In addition, LED coloured lights can be festooned along the walkway in a preferred hue. Beverages, such as soft drinks or champagne, can be arranged after the proposal takes place as well.

Some of the Add-ons

Some of the extras you can include in this romantic and exciting proposal include the following:

  • Musicians
  • A photographer and/or videographer
  • Flower arrangements
  • Signs and gifts

Making a Booking: What You Should Know

If you choose the Tower Bridge as your proposal site, bookings must be verified five days prior to the scheduled proposal. You also need to obtain a quote for any bespoke proposal as prices can vary, depending on what you want to include.

Proposing Above the Clouds

Businesses, such as The Proposers, make it easy to plan a romantic and memorable proposal. For example, another top proposal selection takes place at the Shard. The Shard, which is the tallest viewing platform in the city of London, is one place that is made for proposing marriage.

For example, a proposal company can plan a proposal on the Shard’s viewing platform seven days per week. Because it is open to the public, you, as the proposer, will need to pay for the tickets for everyone involved in the activity. The proposal company can plan a serenade and present gifts to the love of your life during a tour as well.

Some of the Extras

Some of the extras you can include for a proposal at the Shard include the following:

  • A photographer and/or videographer
  • Gifts
  • Signs
  • Floral bouquets
  • Dancers and singers

A Private Proposal

Like the Tower Bridge, the proposer can arrange for a private proposal after closing time. This involves an exclusive hire for 30 minutes as well as rose petals, a photographer, and champagne. Additional extras can be included in the form of a musician, dancers, gifts, a videographer, or decorations.


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