They say, it is hard to be distant with someone you love. You’ll worry if they eat their meals. You will think if they had taken their rest well. You’ll ask yourself if whatever they are doing and to whom they might go with. These are the problems that most overseas workers are facing nowadays. To be far from their family and fight their home sicknesses just to supply their family’s need in their daily living. Missing the people  we love is the hardest thing we will feel in our lives especially when we can do nothing but to count the days and wish that it will turn so fast so that we can go home again and embrace our families and friends.

Fortunately, modern technologies help us keep in touch with our love ones abroad by the use of cellphones and internet. Staying connected with them where ever they are become so easy for us. We can simply type our messages and send it to their respective digits and make them feel that we care for them. We can also use our internet accounts to contact them. Through e-mails, we can say whatever we want to say. It won’t cost much effort than composing a hand written letter, bring it to post offices and wait for days before we get any replies. If we want a verbal conversations, we can simply call them. Just dial their numbers and we can instantly hear their voices. If we want to see their faces, video chat and video calls is accessible for us. Video chat can be done using our social network accounts.

We can talk with our love ones abroad face to face. We can see their actual moves and witness everyday changes in their appearance. We were able to see their beautiful smile whenever they call us. We can always hear and recognize their voice. By means of video chat and electronic mails, we are not going to miss every happenings in their lives. We can always make them feel loved. We can always let them know that we missed them and it’s not the same way when they are not around. It’s like we are just a step away from them because of these internet applications. We stay connected. Connection is very important for us people. It is the only way to express our deepest love and affection to our intimates who are far from us. Keeping in touch is important for them because they won’t feel forgotten even if we do not personally see them. We can make them feel that even though we cannot be on their sides, we will always be here for them, loving, caring and missing them. We will patiently wait for them to go home and be with us. It is the simplest and greatest thing we can do for them


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