Being shy is nothing to be ashamed of because there are thousands of men that suffer from the same problem. Many men that are shy also tend to find it more difficult to converse with the opposite sex compared to men that are full of confidence or have very little inhibitions.

If you want to build up your confidence with women in particular, then here is some advice that should help you start to practice talking with women and plucking up the courage to ask ladies out on a date.

From physical appearance to gentleman’s clubs to practice speaking to women, there are so many ways you can raise your confidence when in the presence of female company.

Follow Our 4 Steps to Help You Start Confidently Dating Women

  1. Care About Your Physical Appearance

Women like men that are well groomed. At least most women do as of course there are some exceptions! Making sure you smell good, you are clean shaven, or your beard is neatly trimmed and that you have a good hair cut are the very first areas of your self-image that you should be paying attention to. Your health is another thing that you should be looking after.

Eating a proper diet and exercising will help to boost your self-confidence. Exercise especially helps because you release endorphins that help to relieve stress. Stress is often a trigger for lack of self-confidence and puts women off. On the other hand, if you are relaxed and easy to be around then women will feel more inclined to seek out your company.

Read this article for more information which is based on what women look for in men.

  1. Practice Speaking to Women

Some of your friends probably have girlfriends, wives, or sisters that you should have no problem talking to. The introduction is already there and, in these cases, there should not be a sexual vibe. Because of this, you should be able to speak with these girls in a casual conversation. Now, this is a very good practice because a lot of women just want someone they can speak to.

The more you speak with women, the less afraid you will be to speak with other women that you do not know and possibly strike up a relationship.

There is quite a fun article on how to approach women.

  1. Try Clubs Where You Can Speak with Women

There are plenty of dating and singles clubs out there that you can look for online. At least there are in most towns and cities in Western society. Try going to these clubs to boost your self-esteem. In fact, just going to a singles club is brave enough because there is some stigma behind these meets, which is that only lonely people attend.

This might be true too and you may meet other girls that have problems speaking with men. In this case, you already have common ground with the girl.

Another approach you could try is going to a gentleman’s club and practice speaking with the girls there. These girls are trained or just tend to know how to boost a man’s self-esteem. You can be very honest with these ladies and tell them that you have trouble speaking with women and that you will buy her drinks to help you out.

Check out an example of a gentleman’s club here.

  1. Join a Gym or Join a Mixed Sports Club

This is actually one of the best suggestions we have in this entire guide to growing your confidence with women. It coincides with number 1 in which you need to look out for your health and physical appearance. The energy you get from exercise will help you become more energetic in the long run, you will lose weight, and your skin will look brighter.

On top of this, gyms have women and lots of mixed sports like badminton or squash. Other activities such as Yoga and spinning are also popular with women giving you the chance to interact with them. Tennis, swimming and running clubs are also great places to meet women.

We suggest following these 4 steps to get yourself in the mix and start to date women. You will find success using these methods and if anything you will start to surround yourself with more opportunities to speak with the opposite sex.


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