Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment to declare your partnership before your friends and family. It is a celebration that you hope to remember for the rest of your life. One of the ways to capture the majesty of that moment is with a photographer. A good photographer will provide you with photos that will commemorate the experience. The two types of photos are the posed and the candid. Most wedding photographers will provide you with both kinds of photos. In some cases, you might want photos of more than just the ceremony and the reception, though.

How Much Do You Photograph?

The wedding day typically begins early in the morning with preparations. It can even begin before that with the rehearsal dinner. If you want to capture the application of makeup, groomsmen getting dressed, and all of the things that lead up to a wedding, you should choose a photographer who will provide you with that level of service. There are often many different packages that you can choose from to determine how much you want photographed. You should investigate this by looking for companies such as Faure Valletta Photography.

How Many Photographers?

Some companies will offer packages that include more than one photographer. Offering more than one photographer means that you will be able to get multiple angles of each moment. You’ll also have a larger number of photographs. The photographers will be able to capture a more diverse set of photographs.

Digital or Film?

There are benefits to both digital and film. Some people like digital because it is much faster and can be more easily delivered to you. Some companies offer film photographs but it is falling out of favour. You should ask just so you know what you might be getting. Typically, you’ll be getting digital. With modern digital cameras, the quality difference is negligible.

How Will You Deliver?

Finally, you should ask the company how they plan to deliver your items. Do they plan to give you a CD, an online gallery, a flash drive, or some combination of different methods? A flash drive will save you hard drive space on your computer; you’ll also be able to quickly make copies and give them out to anyone who wants them. An online gallery will also save you time and space. You’ll be able to send the link to anyone who wants to see the photos but it will require an Internet connection. If you have a lot of photos, it requires a very fast Internet connection. A CD is another great way to deliver photos. Whatever you want, you should ask your company how they deliver them.

These are just a few of the questions that you should ask your wedding photographers before you sign with them.


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