Well everyone is excited and nervous at the same time when it comes to the first date.   Not just that, it also plays the most important role as you can decide either you want to continue and stat your relationship or drop the idea. However, there is lots of time when you could get the perfect person but somehow you ruin the situation by talking about things that are not for the first date.  If you are wondering about what such things, then here are the points that you must remember.

# talking about how horrible your last relationship was

Talking about your ex and about your last relationship is a big turn off, no matter how interesting person you are.  It’s important to understand that when it comes to Dating, no one wants that their partner is still stuck with their past. Talking about how wrong you feel about what happened to you in past and what your ex did shows that you are still living in the past and even you are not ready to move on.

# Saying that you never told anyone before 

There are sometimes when you feel the spark and trust, so you decide to share everything about you.  Don’t do this at least give some time to the next person and let them understand more about you. Not just that, you must consider the fact that you trust the next person enough to share your secrets. Sharing about your secrets also turns your conversation extremely heavy and it’s important to keep it light.

#  Ordering something already

No matter how cool you feel about taking cares for other but ordering something already before the person arrives or even in their presence is something that can be insulting.  Also, it makes you look controlling which people exactly don’t look when they are deciding to date, someone.  Instead of that, ask the person about what he or she wants to order and then place whatever you like to eat.

# Talking about how life is treating you

Everyone wants to know how you are doing as its basic general question. However, it’s better for you if you don’t start the whole story about how you think your life is doing injustice with you.  Not just this topic turn the conversation boring but also knowing anything more which is not good for the first date is complete ruin moment.

# mentioning about the weight and looks

Everyone has someone as their ideal and there is nothing bad about it either. But never mention such things when you are on your first date. It shows that you are criticizing the person about the looks which is completely mean move. It will not just turn the date into a disaster but also the next person will lose complete interest in you.

# Talking about Marriage and kids

It’s your first date and you want to know the next person, mentioning how you dream to get married and have kids will not something you should talk. Well, it shows that you have plans but sometimes it works opposite too.


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