he internet allows us to specifically seek the “type” of person we would like to date. There are 100′s of dating sites that allow single people to choose based on religion, age, ethnicity and even specific hobbies. There are a variety of dating sites created specifically for the african american community to connect, exchange messages, and meet up. By using a site where most of the members understand black history and black culture, you might be more likely to connect with the type of person you want to date.

Why Choose an African American “Centric” Dating Site?
With so many online dating sites in existence, you can get very specific as to what type of community you would like to join. As an African American, you may feel more comfortable in a community of people that matches the type of people you grew up dating. Major dating sites like E harmony or Match have advertising campaigns that mostly depict successful dating stories of white men and women. Some users of the site have suggested that the userbase of these sites are mostly made of of white men and women. If you don’t feel like you belong in a particular dating community, why would you sign up in the first place? This might leave many black singles wondering whether they should sign up for a site that is centered around the black community.

Top Black Dating Sites
There are many dating sites which specifically cater to black men and women. The largest include Black People Meet and Black Planet. Black People Meet is a paid membership site that was founded in 2002. It allows members to communicate via email, audio, and video chat. New members can sign up free “here”, but if you would like to take advantage of the entire range of services, the cost is a minimal $9.95/mo. This is fairly inexpensive compared to the usual range of $20-$60 per month for other dating sites.

On the other hand Black Planet is more of a social network similar to Facebook or Myspace that focuses on black members. It is free to use and contains members that are mostly African American, but also has members of other races and ethnicities. This site is an “open dating” network which allows anyone to see your profile and pictures.


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