Nothing can be more awesome in meeting new people than online dating. The internet has opened wide the doors across the globe, giving us a chance to meet a prospective life partner. Yet, this open-door policy has also become potentially dangerous situations for frauds, scams, and creepy stalkers. This makes it doubly important to think about your safety first before you commit to just any online dating site.

However, this is not to scare you off online dating either. A lot of these online situations end up happily ever after. You just need to learn these 5 important steps to protect yourself from strangers that are up to no good.

Don’t say too much about yourself

When we were children, we were always told never to talk to strangers. The same golden rule applies to online dating as well. The pictures posted online may not be that cute girl or that handsome guy. Giving away personal information such as phone numbers, your last name, and address the first time you chat online is like inviting that complete stranger inside your home, sight unseen. Simply use your first name and play it carefully.

Carefully choose your profile picture

You may not realize it, but photos can be very revealing. Posing in front of your workplace or the front steps of your home can reveal more about you. Use generic photos instead. Google can provide all your information if you use a profile photo for online dating sites. And you don’t want to be in this scary situation. Go for fresh photos that have never been posted anywhere on your social networks.

Don’t be in a rush to go out and meet

Keep things cool between you and your online partner even when you are sorely tempted to meet them right away. You might find yourself in a sticky situation if you meet right off after only one or two great conversations. Slow but sure is still the best policy that applies to online dating as well.

Don’t let your date drop you off home

Play it safe and cool by meeting in a public place, talk, say goodbye and walk off in different directions. Don’t get carried away. Remember, it’s only the first meet.

Report any scams and anomalies to sites such as Anti Arnaques

If you happen to have a Russian online date and want to know more about her, a site such as Anti Arnaques is here to help you. Their live chat agents are available and only too happy to assist you in any way.


Online dating has become popular today unlike a decade ago. Online dating has given singles a new leash in life to look for the partners they have in mind. This is one of the great things the internet has opened for us. The other side of the coin, however, is the liars, scammers, and stalkers that take advantage of the internet for their personal gain.

Make every online experience safe and enjoyable by making a habit of these 5 guidelines provided.


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